George A. Kennedy & Assoc., Ltd. provides a complete range of
consulting services. Our licensed architects and engineers provide
expertise for building design and construction management for building
owners, developers and lending institutions.

We provide the following services:

Lender's Representative – Inspecting Architect/Engineer
Review construction documents, proposed schedule, materials,             
costs, code compliance.

Construction Monitoring and Payment Certification
Inspect construction site, verify quality of workmanship, confirm schedule
compliance, authorize contractor payments.

Construction Management
Owner's representative for construction projects.

Due Diligence / Property Condition Reports
Review original drawings, inspect site and building, determine code
compliance, review ADA accessibility, assess building value, other
predetermined tasks. Prepare short and long term cost estimates of
repairs and building components.

Capital Budget Programming

Reserve Replacement Calculations

HUD and IHDA Architectural and Cost Processing

Facade Inspection

Facade Restoration

Historic Renovation Services
Peninsula Hotel, deluxe guest suite                                                Peninsula Hotel,  lobby
Chicago, Illinois
Inspecting Architect/Engineer Services
Chicago Life Safety Ordinance

City of Chicago Municipal Code Chapter 13-196 was amended with Sections 203 to 209 to ensure additional fire and
safety of high rise buildings.

By April 1, 2005, owners of buildings greater than 80 feet in height were required to submit a life safety data sheet
with information regarding existence and/or condition of automatic sprinkler systems and general building data.

If the high rise falls into non-exempt categories, an engineer or architect must submit a plan of compliance with the City
September 1, 2005. Owners of buildings that do not require sprinklers must submit an evaluation form filled out by
an engineer or architect by
January 1, 2006. Some building may be required to file a Life Safety Report with
the City of Chicago
. Some buildings may require modifications.

More details about the new ordinance are available by calling Alexander Gorun at (312) 332 7060.
One North Halsted
Chicago, Illinois
Inspecting Architect/Engineer
Center On Halsted

Historic Facade

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